Read, Write, Think

LA 9

Quarter 4

 Week 1: March 17-21 Letter to a Mentor  Letter to a Mentor: due Wednesday – 4:30-Romeo and Juliet  -Romeo and Juliet prologue Introduce debate
 Week 2: March 24-28  Q4 Common Writing Assessment  -Begin viewing RJ  -Debate topic and research -View RJ
 Week 3: March 31-April 4  Romeo and Juliet  Debate  -Romeo and Juliet  -Debate
Week 4: April 7 – 11  -Theme: finish one pager-View RJ  -Debate preparation-Dramatic devices illustration  -Debate prep.  -Dramatic devices-Original Drama
Week 5: April  -Debate research -drama practice -debate research  -drama practice
Week 6: April 21 – 25  -Debate Prep. -Debate -Practice original drama -Perform original drama
 Week 7:
Week 8: