Read, Write, Think

World History

Quarter 4

 Week 1: March 17-21  War in Modern Japan  Conflicting Forces in Japan  Japan review-Earthquake and Tsunami NOVA  -Japan Test-India introductionI Was 14 When I was Sold
 Week 2: March 24-28  -Mughal Empire  British Imperialism in India  -India Partition  –Gandhi and Indian Independence
 Week 3:March 31-April 4  -India review World Issue Project  -India review India Test
 Week 4: April 7 – 11  -Renaissance -Renaissance Illustration-Seminar prep.  Machiavelli Seminar-World Issue Project  -Seminar
-Preliminary research due
Week 5: April 14-17  Reformation  View Luther View Luther  Luther seminar
Week 6: April 21 – 25  -Work on project  -Finish Project  -Present World Issue Project Renaissance and Reformation Test
Week 7: April 28 – May 2  
 Week 8:
 Week 9: May 12-16  World War II Web Search